Bitcoin Mining to be Reshaped – Intel Enters the Industry

Published by Kal-El Krypto on

Intel Corporation is to Change the Bitcoin Mining Landscape

The multinational computer chip manufacturer Intel Corporation is going to present its entry into the bitcoin mining industry on the 23rd of February 2022. They will be at the International Solid State Circuits Conference to present a new generation ASIC designed specifically for the event. The entry of such a big tech giant into the industry could be disruptive for the bitcoin mining space & bring a welcome change of more innovation & also competition to the big leaders. This can only be a good thing, possibly even making it more affordable for everyone to be a part of this ever evolving industry.

This is not Intel’s first rodeo in the bitcoin mining space.

Back in 2018 the firm released a patent for a bitcoin mining hardware that would be able to decrease the energy use by up to 35% while mining more bitcoin in the process. Company spokesman Nicolas Mijustkovic indicated that the company has been doing design work around SHA-256 optimised ASIC’s for several years now. So we can expect some serious bitcoin mining hardware in the future coming from Intel Corp, watch this space.